Why eBay will never Accept Bitcoin BTC

eBay has been pretending to “seriously consider” for many months: This is a distraction maneuver, to distract from the fact that their entire business is incompatible with that concept. How:
Here is Bitcoin’s big chance and even bigger purpose:
Ever wondered why companies choose not to accept bitcoin? You’d think money is money!
The truth is: they are terrified of MultiSig.
Normally you give your business to someone you trust, like a longstanding big name company with a reputation.
With MultiSig ANY (!) two total strangers can agree on a known trustworthy person or company, even UNRELATED to their business, and yet feel just as safe in their transactions. So, brand recognition will shift from middlemen like eBay or Amazon to “third signers” for trustworthiness. This will HUGELY favor the P2P business model. It will also lower costs as arbitration only kicks in when there is an issue.
In the case of eBay, who are widely suspected of making political decisions in disputes instead of finding the truth, MultiSig will be their demise and they know it.
For this and other reasons eBay will never accept Bitcoin!
So, seeing this coming, what does eBay do?
They PRETEND to be “seriously interested” in Bitcoin - as they did announce. This is just a refined stalling strategy. The longer they do nothing after that announcement (so far over a year ago) the more it appears eBay is wanting and trying so hard to accept Bitcoin but they just can’t, thereby implying there is something wrong with Bitcoin.
If eBay, Amazon and everybody else who could be done in by the P2P model, keeps doing this, Bitcoin will soon be a Beanie Baby type collectible - that’s their calculation!

IMHO aggressive measures are needed.