Why AltConSys Bitcoin Collabo-Wallet Is The Future!

Now I don’t need to hold back the truth any longer and I can tell everybody: The most important purpose of AltConSys on eBay is being a “delivery system” for Bitcoin transactions on eBay. That’s what it was imagined to become from it’s inception. What is the connection, you might wonder?
Well, AltConSys, so far, has not answered the question of safety in transactions. When you take the middleman eBay away, you would deal with a stranger directly, who, very likely will not be set up to accept your credit card or refuse PayPal because of very justified chargeback risks.
On the other hand Bitcoin transactions are final and cannot be reversed.
Well, there is an exception and AltConSys Collabo-Wallet delivers it! As advertised it is specialized for online transactions and it is MULTI SIGNATURE!
To make a long explanation short, that means a new, better, fairer, smarter, less expensive middleman than eBay will be employed to serve “the transaction” as a business. This middleman will be AltConSys.
AltConSys will be the third signer in all transactions. AltConSys will have absolutely no way to “run with the money” (except for collusion, more about this in a separate article), but they will be the deciders in cases of dispute.
In short: the buyer pays into a MultiSig account from where it can only be released with two of three signatures. No one party can get the funds. In case of a dispute one of the contract parties will refuse to sign, guaranteed! The third signer, AltConSys will then take the side of fairness and truth after circumstances and evidence have been researched. AltConSys arbitration service is included when you use the Collabo-Wallet. $2 go automatically to AltConSys, per transaction. This fee is probably best understood as an “insurance”. It is a fixed, flat fee regardless of the amount of a transaction, be it $5 or $55million.
Besides the arbitration fee there is another $3 “Facilitator Fee” that will be automatically dispensed with every transaction. In most cases this will go to the seller him-/herself. The seller will carry both fees.
The “transaction” and the fairness, correctness thereof will be all the focus. This is unlike eBay who have a multitude of political and commercial interests to favor one over the other party in a dispute, and according to many accounts all over the web (never mind my own experience), rarely seek the truth in a dispute.