How to List "on" eBay, Etsy, Amazon AND Accept Bitcoin, Altcoins

This is not anything these sites allow. They will never allow it. Please see my other video at link below. So how do you get away with it?
And what kind of payoff would you get out of this?

Utilize their infrastructure. Use a Browser Add-on that correlates your outside listing URL to an item on their site (need not be yours)!
It works like a “relay”. You get switched over to a regular forum in which you can write or list anything you want. W. all your contact information etc…
The first browser add-on of this kind is provided by AltConSys. For chrome get it on Google PlayStore, for Firefox there is a link in your browser.

Isn’t it against eBay rules?
1.) eBay will hate it but it’s not against their rules. You can list and sell your item on Craigslist etc…
2.) You’re linking to an eBay ad from outside. There is nothing in your ad

The rewards will be huge!
– There are no fees. Keep in mind the fees are not on the profit you make by selling on those sites. That includes a percentage even on your purchase price!
– talk to your customer freely via your own email or on the phone, uncensored by eBay.
Makes a huge difference to your life, to your happiness, to the success in your business, your motivation.
– Create customer relationships. Get new friends and business partners. Get out of the eBay imposed Isolation. Help build a community again! Not a community now - an accumulation of isolated victims! No communication allowed!
– You can present yourself however you like, describe your products creatively, not bound to eBay’s basic standards.
– Accept any kind of payment you prefer
– Actually feel like you own your stuff. No fear of punishments or reprimands by your “Boss”.
– your return policies will not be overridden by eBay’s. The law kicks in as it should and will not be excluded by eBay. They got balls…
– you have a better chance of truthful decisions in disputes. Know your arbitrators are fair. They are dedicated to the transaction. - no political decisions - no charge-backs possible - they are cheap: only $2 per finalized transaction, $5 or $55million
– your customer’s buying- and your sales history will not get recorded, tracked or reported.
– when accepting crypto you will open new customer channels - huge and growing clientèle: who don’t have any viable sources so far (less competition): Overstock, Newegg, Expedia
– easy listing: just submit a bulk list of all eBay/Etsy/Amazon listings you’re offering for Bitcoin together with contact information. Link your offer to an eBay listing you don’t even own. This will save you taking pictures, writing a description. This only works on identical products. Choose the best deal so buyers will find you. Submit a bulk list for each company, eBay/Amazon etc…
– be an AltConSys Bitcoin Facilitator: list other sellers items and get $3.00 for each sale. Imagine you list 100,000 items … See my other video how this works (link below).
– Again, if you need to keep working for your “Boss” for a while, you can still list on eBay/Etsy/Amazon as well.