AltConSys White Paper (Written in June 2017)

This white paper describes not just one piece of software but an entire (grassroots) campaign.
Unlike other decentralized apps (Dapps) that sound soo nice but are just sitting there attracting investors but no one really uses them and the investors end up getting screwed without any promised action to have ever taken place. They are mostly designed by Geeks who have not a real urge to “kick butt” but are comfortable in their real programmer jobs and like to hear themselves talk about phantastic new futures without really understanding the real-world desparation of business involved and the methods needed to actually aggressively go after a parasitic centralized market-paralyzing hosts like eBay, Amazon, etc…
In the following we will attempt just that and suggest among other methods to resort to aggressive, equally parasitic but more efficient methods that actually serve the user and entice him/her to go with the new (our) system and instead of being “parasited” be the “parasites” themselves in that they take advantage of what is actually their content or at least addressed to them disregarding the (parasitic) middleman.

Unlike OpenBazaar or … that try the uphill battle of parallel alternate listings with cheesy search functions we suggest taking already existing state of the art infrastructure and make a decentralized “overlayed/superimposed” purchase system available to purchase off any site and/or web page.
The missing convenience / inventory are a turnoff off OpenBazaar and similar well meaning commerce sites.
Be aware that eBay was a thriving decentralized P2P site before it was hijacked by their operators and transformed into an autocracy.
No doubt OpenBazaar is trying to be a thriving site but if users don’t come we need to take the changes to wherever it’s thriving. Why? Because we can:
To achieve this we suggest an alternative listing site that lists the URL’s of such listings which are receptive of the new system.(correlates the URL to a different URL with the contract info. In order to populate the database we entice “listers”, to “double list”. We employ a small fee in the payment that will be rewarded to “facilitators” that convince a lister to double list. This fee will be born by the seller. The facilitators will be responsible for keeping the database clean, spamless and up to date.
We recognize that established sales sites like eBay, Amazon are used for mainly two reasons: For ease of search (to find the item they want) and for perceived protection in case of problems. Combining sales and at the same time offering protection for both buyers and sellers often entails conflicts of interest and then lack of trust. See … examples.
The AltConSys system splits up those interests and offers separate rewards for merchandising and arbitration, facilitating each with their own reputation systems and not related to each other in any way.
The payment therefore includes a small base fee for not just the advertiser but for an arbitrator/mediator. Those fees are hard-“coded” into the transaction script.
This alternative listing site will be a decentralized database cluster that is open to anybody but requires identification of facilitators/listers to prioritize search results to counter abuse. We suggest Cassandra with Solr or Elasticsearch. So if an advertiser includes spam their results could be bypassed. Equally a “clean” and complete advertiser could be favored. There shall not be a central authority deciding on priority of search results. A blockchain should not be necessary. The public will prioritize and reward naturally whoever are the best performers. Private brands will be sought to be included by facilitators and there won’t be an exclusivity. There will be competing lists of listings.
A browser add-on has been built which will alert to a cooperative listing by hi-lighting an icon.

Upon clicking the icon an html/javascript page facilitating a BTC- or altcoin multisig contract/transaction will be loaded. This page will be optimized to provide user-friendliness, nice, clear, colorful layout with clear instructions without geek-talk or turn-off terms like “public key” etc. and e.g feature currency converters as well as a simple collaboration tool for negotiating contracts. We decided to not include a messaging system as it will be less of a target if you use your existing email etc… Public keys and addresses will be stored in (for now) off-site storage for convenience and collaboration purposes. Private keys will be generated on the user’s computer and won’t even be stored in session- or local storage.
This system is ingenious in that is doesn’t use elaborate, complex programming - just simple web development techniques. It does require traditional marketing techniques. Something similar to Amazon might help combined with elbow grease and direct marketing to get businesses to list with you. You will be able to make tempting offers to a lot of businesses that will love to get away from eBay, Amazon while expanding into Bitcoin adoption.