AltConSys (eBay Version) - What Is It?

The purpose of this system is to provide a simple but unique technique to undermine a monopoly by providing a secondary system of links that overlays the target system (eBay) and to which users can subscribe free of charge.

Have you ever noticed how eBay keeps buyers and sellers from communicating with each other? It is part of an isolation strategy that keeps eBay in business at the expense of their users. This comment system is offering a workaround. It is a self-regulated assembly of folks and their ideas about transactions on eBay. In a way it is a step back in time to when there wasn’t an eBay and people traded on the “Usenet”.

In those times online traders were looking for a decentralized, self regulated P2P (person to person) venue. eBay promised that and users flocked to them. Little did they know that they were going to get hijacked into an authoritarian oligarchy.
Please watch my YouTube videos explaining all that in detail.

Hello there!
Welcome new user!
This comment system (forum) is where all the comments end up which you leave via the browser add-on “AltConSys Inserter EBUS”. They are most likely found and accessed by someone browsing on eBay who clicked on a link that popped up within the AltConSys-Alerter Browser Add-on.

You can also use the alerter “AltConSys Alerter EBUS” to find the commented-on links on eBay (find your way back to where it was posted). The links will pop up, you can’t miss them. This allows you to jump back and forth between eBay listing and forum comment. Before long it will appear as though the comments are part of the eBay listing.
Please watch our brief YouTube tutorials on how to make it all work.
Here is a brief impression of the workflow and how it will be used:

As soon as your topic/post is inserted you can use this forum to edit it, to add on to it, feature pictures, movies etc. and if you must, delete it.

If you are the owner of the eBay item that’s being commented on, you can leave your actual contact info, like email and phone number and everything else eBay prohibits. You can even offer a generous discount since you will be saving the eBay fees when you sell your item directly. eBay will not be able to know if it’s actually you who’s posting, so you should be safe from authoritarian punishments under the phony guise of “protecting you from everybody and everybody from you”. Not that you should care, but it is completely within eBay’s rules to list your item elsewhere while it’s listed on eBay, like e.g. on Craigslist. You are not linking to an offsite listing in your actual eBay ad.
If you are not the owner of this item nothing keeps you from offering an equal, better or similar item at a better price.
LAST NOT LEAST YOU CAN OFFER TO ACCEPT BITCOIN HERE! AltConSys even offers a specialized wallet!
Also, don’t be shy to write about buyers, sellers or experiences you might have had with the product.

Plus, there is nothing like a personal phone call or email exchange with the seller before you buy something.

If you would like to help, please think about making a donation.
Also, any constructive, helpful ideas will be greatly appreciated!