AltConSys: Bitcoin Facilitators Wanted!

Make Money Being a Bitcoin Facilitator with AltConSys

It could be financially very rewarding to be a “Bitcoin Facilitator”.
There are lots of Bitcoin holders who would like to, but can’t spend their coins. They can’t because few markets accept them.
If a larger group of eBay dealers can be convinced to accept Bitcoin, that could be better than a large company, because they are closer to the people and can convince circles around them to “convert”. So, if e.g. Starbucks were to accept Bitcoin most patrons will probably ignore it because the nicest features of Bitcoin don’t become relevant.
If Starbucks were to accept Mexican Pesos, only Mexicans with Pesos would be interested. It wouldn’t make anybody else want to pay with Pesos.
So, the public could be targeted from the grassroots up, so to speak, from the little man up.
Many eBay dealers are already living a relatively adventurous life plus they are oppressed in their powerlessness, disenchanted and ready for change. They have flexible minds that will adjust to whatever it takes and make the best of it. They would offer great leverage when targeted to break away from their situation. They are tough and have the survival skills and existential readiness to weather acceptance of (and even a conversion to -) Bitcoin.

This is where you as a facilitator come in.
You should be able and wanting to convince eBay sellers to:

  • Give you a list of their eBay listings (anything helps but CSV lists are best): Needed is at least the eBay Item Number.
  • Give you their contact information. eMail will do, but the more complete the better. It is in their interest.
  • Give you their preferred Bitcoin address for payment.

Many buyers/sellers will need to be educated about the purpose of Bitcoin as a payment vehicle (currency) rather than an investment type security. They will learn that they can use bitcoin transitionally for the duration of a transaction and that they can use Coinbase for a slick/easy PayPal-like experience.

You will get your own payment page, that is a link with a an instance of an AltConSys’ Collabo-Wallet which is customized for you. It will automatically insert your BTC address as a payment recipient of a fixed amount of $3/$4.90.
This is hard coded into the AltConSys wallet and should be regarded like a tax to spread “mass adoption” by all Bitcoin users.
Your payment will arrive automatically as the transaction goes through! Embed your link everywhere! It is much like Amazon’s associate/referral program. Examples are:

  • Direct eMail
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • YouTube
  • Own Website
  • Embed your Link Everywhere :wink:

Each completed transaction, regardless of size, will pay you $3 (or $4.90 during promotions). Bear in mind, you will submit bulk lists with a thousand, tens of thousand, hundreds of thousand or even millions of listings. It can be very rewarding for you and you would be on the forefront of spreading the use of Bitcoin. Get your foot in the door today!

Bulk lists will need to count at least 200 listings each. Many eBay sellers, over time, may choose to become their own “Facilitators” to save the $3 but they may miss out on valuable advertising.

Please also read about the advantages of using our “funny looking manual wallet" that lets you keep control over your Bitcoin rather than the slick looking ones that “safe”-guard your private keys.